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Jim has been creating beautiful landscapes in Santa Fe for almost twenty years. He is a licensed landscape contractor with exceptional project management skills that produce the best final product possible. Jim was attracted to gardening, design, and architecture as a young man, often reworking and revitalizing the spaces around his family home. As he grew older, he transferred these skills into a business, renovating single family houses and the landscapes around them to create beautiful, welcoming properties. Then, in 1995, he transitioned into landscape contracting full time.

Jim has the ability to take any landscape plan and realize the designer's vision, down to the smallest detail, and ensure the project comes to a successful conclusion.


Jennifer joined the business in 2001 and wears many hats within the company. As the primary landscape designer, she works in a wide range of design styles and budgets creating gardens that connect with the unique character of each site, sit seamlessly in the environment, blend harmoniously with the architecture and reflect the client's aesthetic.

As the manager of the maintenance division and a licensed pesticide applicator as well, she lovingly tends the gardens entrusted to her. She also coordinates landscape additions, from plants to decorative pots, and minor hardscape changes. Our clients rave about Jennifer's attention to detail and her ability to communicate what is happening with their properties.

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